Bernie Sanders vs Hilary Clinton – What are The Main Differences?

There are two frontrunners in the race to become the presidential candidate for the Democrat party.

Whoever wins this race will then go on to campaign against the winner of the Republican nomination to decide the next president of the United States. Those two frontrunners are, of course, Bernie Sanders and Hilary Clinton. But what are the differences? Let’s take a look.

Hilary is More of a Democrat

The biggest difference (other than their genders) is that Bernie is technically not a Democrat. He’s just choosing to run with them to increase his chances of success, and because his ideals are closer to theirs than to the Republican Party. Hilary is a democrat through and through. If what you want is someone who is definitely a democrat then Hilary is your choice. If you’re getting tired of both parties and want something a little different (but not as extreme as Donald Trump) then Bernie is your man.

They Have Different Funding

Another fundamental difference between the two is where the money for their campaigns come from. Bernie Sanders has earned a lot of love from people by being funded almost entirely by the general public. Hilary, on the other hand, has received many large donations from corporations and private interests. This means that she has a lot more money to play with than Sanders, but people trust her less. They know she owes a lot of favors to these donators. Bernie, on the other hand, has very few corporate interests.

They Have Different Ideas About Trade Agreements

Trade agreements are kind of a complicated issue. The TPP has attracted a lot of negative attention recently and it is only one of many trade deals. They open up the potential for a lot of money to be made but they also tend to favor corporations far more than people. Bernie Sanders is against the idea of these trade agreements and believes that free trade has ruined America. He also feels that the support Democrats have shown for these deals has been a reason that they have lost a lot of public support. Hilary has avoided the subject and never really given clear answers one way or the other. Given her corporate interests though, it’s almost guaranteed that she would be in favor of such trade deals.

Clinton Will Be Harsher With Foreign Policy

A major issue facing America right now is that of foreign policy. Some Americans are getting sick of the idea that America is some kind of “World Police” and feel that America should step away from fights they have no interest in. Sanders is definitely a candidate that supports that idea. He’s voted against the Iraq War and many other things. He also wants to cut the military budget. Some may feel that he is a little too soft because of this. Hilary, on the other hand, has voted for the Iraq War and wanted to arm the rebels in Syria. It took a while for Obama to agree to that. If you feel that America should step back then go for Bernie. If not, then go for Clinton.

Even though they are part of the same party there is definitely a difference between the two candidates. So do a little reading up to decide which one is right for you. Then give them your full support and help out where you can.

Who Is Bernie Sanders?

It’s an election year in the United States and once again everyone is choosing a candidate and arguing as to why they are the only choice. The three frontrunners this time are Hilary Clinton, Donald Trump, and Bernie Sanders. Everyone knows about Trump and Clinton, but not enough know about Bernie Sanders. Here is what you need to know about Bernie Sanders.

Anyway, so what You Need To Know About Bernie Sanders.

He’s Technically Not a Democrat

Senator Sanders may be running for the Democratic nomination but that doesn’t make him a Democrat. He is what is known as an independent. It’s the same position that Donald Trump has, except Trump is running for the Republican nomination. An independent is essentially neither a Republican nor a Democrat. Sanders is running for what he believes is right, rather than trying to tow a party message like other nominees in the Democrat Party.

Sanders is Left Leaning

Sanders is what we call a left leaning politician. This means that he’s a lot more liberal than other politicians. He’s actually the most liberal person running this year, if not in the entire senate. Basically Bernie is against money in politics and believes that the government should do more to help the people. He prides himself on not being sponsored by corporations. The only people who owes “favors” to are the American people. He also believes in social benefits such as welfare, education, and a public health system. He’d like to make college and healthcare free through taxation. It’s something that his supporters love and his opponents hate.

Sanders is Funded By the People

Unlike Hilary Clinton, and many other politicians, Bernie doesn’t receive large donations from corporations and businessmen. Instead he receives most of his funding from the people. So instead of getting half a million dollars from one person he would get fifty dollars from ten thousand people. A lot of people disagree with buying politicians so they are wholly on board with a senator like Sanders who doesn’t really owe anyone anything and they feel that Sanders can end corruption in politics. Doing so is one of his main goals after all.

Bernie is Constantly Bypassed

Despite the success that Bernie Sanders has seen the mainstream media continues to bypass him, and pretend he doesn’t have a chance at winning. This lack of a media presence is something that is both helping and hindering Senator Sanders. On the one hand, it does limit his exposure. Not enough people know about him, or they genuinely believe he doesn’t have a chance. On the other hand, it further fuels his supporters. They try even harder to spread the word about him and ensure that he has a chance at winning.

Bernie Sanders is especially popular with the younger voters. He may be the oldest person in the race but he definitely has the youngest supporters. Perhaps it’s just that young people are more idealistic and older people are too bitter to believe in the changes Bernie is promising. He would hardly be the first politician to promise change and then fail to deliver on it. Time will tell if Sanders will hold the Democratic nomination and enter the White House. For now he’s hope to a lot of people, who see him as the only one that could stop Donald Trump. Some Bernie supporters have gone as far as to say they wouldn’t support Hilary Clinton after all.