Is America Still the Most Powerful Country in the World?

When it comes to global superpowers there was a time when the United States was considered the cream of the crop.

It seemed like wherever America went the world would follow. Lately things have changed and people can wonder if America is still the most powerful country in the world?

The Economy

From an economic standpoint the United States is starting to slip. Countries like China stand to overtake the US as far as economic strength goes and, unless something is done about the massive US debt, China will hardly be the only nation to have a better economy than the States.

There’s a good reason that China has the economy they do though, and that’s the population. When you adjust for the differences in population and GDP the Chinese economy isn’t that much better than America’s.

The Military

America definitely puts the “power” in “global superpower”. The country still maintains one of the largest, most powerful, and well-funded militaries in the world.

If anyone wanted to try and invade America they would need quite the alliance to make it through not just the might of the US military, but also the armed civilians that are ready to defend their nation at a moment’s notice.

Global Influence

The world may not always follow behind America anymore but it’s hard to deny the States still have quite a global influence.

The States are at the heart of almost every major trade deal and global program such as the Paris Agreement and the TPP. Things could change a little with the election of Donald Trump, who has pledged to withdraw America from these agreements, but who knows?

Perhaps other countries will join Trump in whatever alternative he creates.

Is America Falling Behind?

There are some instances and issues in which America is actually falling behind the rest of the world.

For example there are still several issues regarding gay rights in America, racism, and accepting refugees. Many of the wealthy nations in Europe have opened their arms to refugees but Americans are still hesitant about doing so.

Europe also has equal rights for gay people while the issue is still hotly debated in some parts of America. Americans are used to being the ones leading the charge but there are still several cases where they are trying to play catch up.

So Is America Still the Most Powerful Nation in the World?

While America may not be the superpower they used to be, it’s hard to deny that they are still a superpower.

They are also still one of, if not the, most powerful individual nation on the planet. China is catching up but they still have a long way to go and America has built deep and powerful lasting relationships with countries such as the UK.

These alliances aren’t going anywhere soon unless something goes drastically wrong with their countries. They might have fallen down the mountain a little but the US is still king of the hill.