Is America Still the Most Powerful Country in the World?

When it comes to global superpowers there was a time when the United States was considered the cream of the crop.

It seemed like wherever America went the world would follow. Lately things have changed and people can wonder if America is still the most powerful country in the world?

The Economy

From an economic standpoint the United States is starting to slip. Countries like China stand to overtake the US as far as economic strength goes and, unless something is done about the massive US debt, China will hardly be the only nation to have a better economy than the States.

There’s a good reason that China has the economy they do though, and that’s the population. When you adjust for the differences in population and GDP the Chinese economy isn’t that much better than America’s.

The Military

America definitely puts the “power” in “global superpower”. The country still maintains one of the largest, most powerful, and well-funded militaries in the world.

If anyone wanted to try and invade America they would need quite the alliance to make it through not just the might of the US military, but also the armed civilians that are ready to defend their nation at a moment’s notice.

Global Influence

The world may not always follow behind America anymore but it’s hard to deny the States still have quite a global influence.

The States are at the heart of almost every major trade deal and global program such as the Paris Agreement and the TPP. Things could change a little with the election of Donald Trump, who has pledged to withdraw America from these agreements, but who knows?

Perhaps other countries will join Trump in whatever alternative he creates.

Is America Falling Behind?

There are some instances and issues in which America is actually falling behind the rest of the world.

For example there are still several issues regarding gay rights in America, racism, and accepting refugees. Many of the wealthy nations in Europe have opened their arms to refugees but Americans are still hesitant about doing so.

Europe also has equal rights for gay people while the issue is still hotly debated in some parts of America. Americans are used to being the ones leading the charge but there are still several cases where they are trying to play catch up.

So Is America Still the Most Powerful Nation in the World?

While America may not be the superpower they used to be, it’s hard to deny that they are still a superpower.

They are also still one of, if not the, most powerful individual nation on the planet. China is catching up but they still have a long way to go and America has built deep and powerful lasting relationships with countries such as the UK.

These alliances aren’t going anywhere soon unless something goes drastically wrong with their countries. They might have fallen down the mountain a little but the US is still king of the hill.

Trump vs Clinton – What are The Main Differences?

The race for the President of the United States is reaching a fever pitch now that the two nominees for the Republican Party and the Democrat Party have been decided. This year the election boils down to Donald Trump for the Republicans vs Hilary Clinton of the Democrats. But what are the main differences?

Let’s take a look.

Hilary Is a Career Politician While Trump Isn’t

Hilary has a political history while Donald Trump is just a businessman.

Hilary has been a member of congress and served as President Obama’s Secretary of State. She’s had plenty of dealings with foreign leaders and some see this as a positive thing. Donald Trump on the other hand doesn’t have a lot of political history.

He’s dealt with foreign businessmen and has undoubtedly dealt with leaders in his time as a businessman but not on a political level. Some people also see this as a positive because they’re tired of career politicians like Hilary.

Hilary is More Globalist While Trump is More Nationalist

When Donald Trump says he’s going to “Make America Great Again” he means that he’s going to try and make America as independent as possible.

Hilary has no problems letting in immigrants and opening up the American borders while Trump basically wants to close America off and cut off foreign dependency.

Which side of this issue you stand on is more of a personal preference.

Some people like the globalist approach and feel we should be more welcoming to our foreign brothers and sisters while others feel that America should be, well, American.

Trump Is Paying His Own Way

One of the things that people really love about Donald Trump is that he’s financing most of his campaign out of his own pocket. While he has accepted donations a large amount of his campaign funds are coming from his own personal wealth.

Hilary on the other hand has taken millions of dollars from corporations and Wall Street. Some people feel that there is too much money in politics and that Hilary must owe these people some favors while others feel it’s just a part of the political process.

It’s hard to know what it will all mean until after the election.

Hilary Supports Gun Control

One thing that has become a major issue recently is the issue of gun control.

Hilary and the other Democrats want to bring in gun control more than ever following all the shootings that have wracked the States lately.

Donald Trump believes firmly in the constitution, including the Second Amendment which covers the right to “bear arms”. He opposes gun control while Hilary supports it.

These are some of the key differences between the Republican Donald Trump and the Democrat Hilary Clinton.

It’s always important to look into things a little for yourself and see more of the differences but these are four key differences that will likely sway your vote one way or another.

One thing for sure about this election is that everyone who can vote needs to get out there and do it!

With two such vastly different candidates America is likely to change a lot with either candidate so you need to get your voice heard and get in that booth!

Bernie Sanders vs Hilary Clinton – What are The Main Differences?

There are two frontrunners in the race to become the presidential candidate for the Democrat party.

Whoever wins this race will then go on to campaign against the winner of the Republican nomination to decide the next president of the United States. Those two frontrunners are, of course, Bernie Sanders and Hilary Clinton. But what are the differences? Let’s take a look.

Hilary is More of a Democrat

The biggest difference (other than their genders) is that Bernie is technically not a Democrat. He’s just choosing to run with them to increase his chances of success, and because his ideals are closer to theirs than to the Republican Party. Hilary is a democrat through and through. If what you want is someone who is definitely a democrat then Hilary is your choice. If you’re getting tired of both parties and want something a little different (but not as extreme as Donald Trump) then Bernie is your man.

They Have Different Funding

Another fundamental difference between the two is where the money for their campaigns come from. Bernie Sanders has earned a lot of love from people by being funded almost entirely by the general public. Hilary, on the other hand, has received many large donations from corporations and private interests. This means that she has a lot more money to play with than Sanders, but people trust her less. They know she owes a lot of favors to these donators. Bernie, on the other hand, has very few corporate interests.

They Have Different Ideas About Trade Agreements

Trade agreements are kind of a complicated issue. The TPP has attracted a lot of negative attention recently and it is only one of many trade deals. They open up the potential for a lot of money to be made but they also tend to favor corporations far more than people. Bernie Sanders is against the idea of these trade agreements and believes that free trade has ruined America. He also feels that the support Democrats have shown for these deals has been a reason that they have lost a lot of public support. Hilary has avoided the subject and never really given clear answers one way or the other. Given her corporate interests though, it’s almost guaranteed that she would be in favor of such trade deals.

Clinton Will Be Harsher With Foreign Policy

A major issue facing America right now is that of foreign policy. Some Americans are getting sick of the idea that America is some kind of “World Police” and feel that America should step away from fights they have no interest in. Sanders is definitely a candidate that supports that idea. He’s voted against the Iraq War and many other things. He also wants to cut the military budget. Some may feel that he is a little too soft because of this. Hilary, on the other hand, has voted for the Iraq War and wanted to arm the rebels in Syria. It took a while for Obama to agree to that. If you feel that America should step back then go for Bernie. If not, then go for Clinton.

Even though they are part of the same party there is definitely a difference between the two candidates. So do a little reading up to decide which one is right for you. Then give them your full support and help out where you can.

Who Is Bernie Sanders?

It’s an election year in the United States and once again everyone is choosing a candidate and arguing as to why they are the only choice. The three frontrunners this time are Hilary Clinton, Donald Trump, and Bernie Sanders. Everyone knows about Trump and Clinton, but not enough know about Bernie Sanders. Here is what you need to know about Bernie Sanders.

Anyway, so what You Need To Know About Bernie Sanders.

He’s Technically Not a Democrat

Senator Sanders may be running for the Democratic nomination but that doesn’t make him a Democrat. He is what is known as an independent. It’s the same position that Donald Trump has, except Trump is running for the Republican nomination. An independent is essentially neither a Republican nor a Democrat. Sanders is running for what he believes is right, rather than trying to tow a party message like other nominees in the Democrat Party.

Sanders is Left Leaning

Sanders is what we call a left leaning politician. This means that he’s a lot more liberal than other politicians. He’s actually the most liberal person running this year, if not in the entire senate. Basically Bernie is against money in politics and believes that the government should do more to help the people. He prides himself on not being sponsored by corporations. The only people who owes “favors” to are the American people. He also believes in social benefits such as welfare, education, and a public health system. He’d like to make college and healthcare free through taxation. It’s something that his supporters love and his opponents hate.

Sanders is Funded By the People

Unlike Hilary Clinton, and many other politicians, Bernie doesn’t receive large donations from corporations and businessmen. Instead he receives most of his funding from the people. So instead of getting half a million dollars from one person he would get fifty dollars from ten thousand people. A lot of people disagree with buying politicians so they are wholly on board with a senator like Sanders who doesn’t really owe anyone anything and they feel that Sanders can end corruption in politics. Doing so is one of his main goals after all.

Bernie is Constantly Bypassed

Despite the success that Bernie Sanders has seen the mainstream media continues to bypass him, and pretend he doesn’t have a chance at winning. This lack of a media presence is something that is both helping and hindering Senator Sanders. On the one hand, it does limit his exposure. Not enough people know about him, or they genuinely believe he doesn’t have a chance. On the other hand, it further fuels his supporters. They try even harder to spread the word about him and ensure that he has a chance at winning.

Bernie Sanders is especially popular with the younger voters. He may be the oldest person in the race but he definitely has the youngest supporters. Perhaps it’s just that young people are more idealistic and older people are too bitter to believe in the changes Bernie is promising. He would hardly be the first politician to promise change and then fail to deliver on it. Time will tell if Sanders will hold the Democratic nomination and enter the White House. For now he’s hope to a lot of people, who see him as the only one that could stop Donald Trump. Some Bernie supporters have gone as far as to say they wouldn’t support Hilary Clinton after all.

Why is Donald Trump so Popular?

Anyone taking a look at the political situation in America is bound to be thinking the same thing. Why is Donald Trump so popular? I am a bit uncomfortable with his standpoint on many issues but if we put our beliefs and ideas aside, why is he so popular ?

Just by listening to him talk you hear some things that you think a presidential candidate shouldn’t be able to say. The thing is though, that’s one of the reasons he’s so popular. There are a few more too.

He Says What “We” All Think

Perhaps the main reason that Donald Trump is so popular is the very same reason he is unpopular with a lot of people. He isn’t afraid to speak his mind. If he thinks something is wrong then he will let it be known, no matter how politically incorrect it is. A lot of people are tired of politicians that are afraid to speak their minds and just toe a party line. Trump raises legitimate concerns that people have and they respect and admire him for it. It certainly takes courage to say some of the things he does.

He’s Charismatic

It’s not just the things that Donald Trump says that makes him popular, it’s how he says it. Being charismatic is a must for any politician. There are people who spout the same opinions Trump does but aren’t respected for them. This is because there is a difference between Joe Schmuck and Donald Trump. He is a very good talker and able to really sway people to his point of view.

He’s Self-Funded

There’s no other way around it; Donald Trump is a billionaire. He is plenty rich enough on his own to run for the office of President. He’s not like Hilary Clinton and other major politicians, who will take money from corporations and individuals in return for political favors. Though Donald Trump is not the only candidate funded like this. While he is the only person rich enough to fund his own campaign, Democrat nominee Bernie Sanders is being supported financially by every day citizens and also claims to have no industrial ties.

He’s Not Really a Politician

One thing that Trump isn’t is a politician. People are tired of career politicians who just say what they know people want to hear. They don’t trust politicians anymore. Trump isn’t a politician. At least he isn’t seen as one. Trump’s supporters see him as a savvy businessman who wants to actually make America great again. Best of all, for him at least, they fully believe he can do it.

He’s a Businessman

This kind of ties in to the last point, but deserves a mention. There are people who believe that what America needs right now is someone who can really manage things. The debt of America is becoming a huge problem, and it’s not the only one. They need an effective manager as well as a leader. Trump has years of management experience as a businessman.

The main aspect of Donald Trump’s popularity is that he is basically an anti-politician. People listen when he talks and they believe him. When they listen to an average politician they don’t know what to think. Of course whether you like him or not is up to you. Different people like different things. It doesn’t make them good or bad; just different.